An Unconditional Love for Food

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As 2017 is on the verge of ending and with its end begins a new year 2018. We have had our handful with so many holidays and festivals. We have celebrated Christmas and that went fantastically well, but New Year is something that we celebrate with zeal and wholeheartedness. Looking at how this year is coming to an end, I would like to only say that “Food” has become an integral part of our desires. We want to experience different flavours of several lands. We like to travel and explore for ourselves the variant of spices that cooks around the world use. These cooks can be anyone: a women, a man and even kids. But their hands have unique magic bound to them. They know what they are doing and they create and serve a platter that you have never tasted. But the year 2017 really made one thing popular; attracted the interest and hunger for thousands of people and that is PIZZA. Now, if I talk about pizza, what is the first name that come to your mind? Let me guess, Pizza Hut and Dominos, right? Everyone has that same mindset. There maybe some who love pizzas from their nearest restaurants but they do not really place order for home delivery there. But now we do not have to worry about that too, because there is Swiggy to serve and deliver the best delicacies of the neighbourhood to the urban foodie. We all love food more than ever now and every exciting offers provided by the restaurants really make our day. We all know how many Pizza Hut Coupons are being made available to us and the same is the case with Dominos Coupons. Through these coupons you can easily buy two medium pizzas for Rs. 199 each and not only that you can also get 15% to 20% on your purchase. Now, you would thinking, is there only Pizza Hut or Dominos who love their consumers? No they aren’t the only ones! Swiggy is there with its own exciting Swiggy Coupons where you can get Rs. 100 off on your bill of Rs. 300 and various other discounts. These restaurants will quench that pizza hunger of yours in the most satisfying way possible.

You do not have to thank anyone for all of this, just one person or rather a network: The Internet. If it never came into being, human history might have been a lot different. We might still be a thousand years behind. But, no matter what, if we keep aside the convergence of world factor of internet; the best thing that happened after internet was: we got to know about the different foods around the world. We can even learn how to make them; we can easily order just by sitting at home adn in 30 to 45 minutes we have our favourite dish served to us. We all have this unconditional love for FOOD and I doubt that it will ever die. On a personal level, a world without food feels like a pizza without toppings.

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  1. I love eating pizzas and coupons make us save some money too..

  2. I love eating pizzas and coupons make us save some money too..

  3. Nice post. I love ordering from Pizza Hut and Swiggy. And its good that we get so many coupons and offers for them nowadays...

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