Should you tuck-in or tuck-out that shirt?

As Indian women become a part of the corporate world, they explore various clothing options that is more comfortable for their active lifestyle. Moving forward from ethnic wear, the Indian woman is now adding western wear among their work wear collection.

But with western wear, there’s a concern regarding the various ways of styling and specifically when to tuck in a shirt and when to tuck it out. We, from Ombré Lane, have come up with these solutions to carry different types of shirts and the ways you can style them:

1. Cotton Shirts:

                                                     Ombré Lane Steel Grey Cotton Shirt

A crisp and comfortable fabric of cotton can be worn as a tucked in shirt when paired with a pair of wide-leg trousers or culottes. But while pairing fitted trousers with a well-fit cotton shirt, style the shirt tucked out, to keep yourself comfortable. You can also pair this with a pencil skirt and create a graceful and chic look.

2. Printed/ Bold Coloured Shirts:

                                                       Ombré Lane Printed Silk Shirt

Create a lasting impression on your peers by pairing printed shirts with neutral trousers or skirts to keep the shirt in the limelight. Tuck it in if it consists of a loose fit or keep a tucked out look for an all-purpose styling. Try to use subtle colour combinations with the shirt to not create clashing combinations. Though in case of a fitted shirt, keep it tucked out with all your trouser pairings.

3. Fluid Fabrics:

                                                  Ombré Lane Georgette Bow-tie Shirt

These fabrics consist of georgettes, satin and silk fabrics which have become a part of the 2017 work wear trend. Adding these to your wardrobe, create a tucked in look with all your trousers and skirts as it adds a nice flow to your ensemble, no matter the body shape you possess.

If you are worried whether a certain tucked in look would appear graceful or not, keep a tucked outlook for all your cotton shirts and tuck in those fluid fabric options you have in your work wear.

Create a look that showcases your personality while retaining a chic look with Ombré Lane’s selection for you!

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