Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

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I was facing major hair fall issue for past few months and was really worried about the situation, it was a series of mental stress, depression and work pressure and I ended up with a major weight loss and health issues , I consulted a doctor and gone through some blood tests and all. Mainly it was a protein and Vitamin D deficiency that resulted in my weight loss, weakness and hair fall issue. Today I am going to review a premium hair oil from the brand ‘Satthwa’ which helped me a lot to recover my hair fall problem along with all the medications and proper diet planning.

So let’s start with the review now 

What the brand claims:

The oil is a blend of 9 different oils which is basically a superfood for your hair & scalp. Contains Omega 6 & 9, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and rare Vitamin K from Sweet Almond oil. Ricinoleic acid from Castor oil which makes hair darker and stops premature greying. Has Lauric acid from E.V Coconut oil. Jojoba oil which is Anti-fungal & cleanses the scalp by unclogging pores. Vitamin E contains d-alpha Tocopherol. Amla oil which is rich in Vitamin C. Grapeseed oil which delays skin aging. Emu oil stimulates dormant hair follicles and helps in new hair growth. E.V Olive oil treats dry and damaged hair.

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Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Emu Oil, Amla Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil

How to use:

Apply oil 2 times a week for 3 to 4 months for best results.


599(INR) for 100 ml bottle


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My take on the product:

The product comes in a transparent sturdy plastic bottle with a white flip cap on the top. The package labelling contains all the information including ingredients, price about the product. Packaging is quite handy and travel convenient. Oil has yellowish color with a mild castor oil fragrance which is not over powering at all. Oil has medium to little thick consistency (I always shake the bottle before using it) but you can apply it easily all over your scalp and hair length. I generally take a piece of cotton and dip it into the oil and apply all over my scalp. I do a light hand massage for about 4 to 5 minutes and leave it overnight for the best results and wash my hair on the next day morning. It made my hair noticeably soft and smooth and as you know about my treated damaged hair which is very rough in the length portion, I can feel the roughness has totally gone from my hair length. It definitely controls my hair frizziness making it more manageable and helped reducing my dandruff problem. Now coming to the most important part, I was really suffering from hair loss along with rough and damage hair, on the very first application I haven’t noticed anything good about this and it continues to fall during washing time with shampoo but after 5 to 6 applications of this hair oil I could see less hair fall during the washing course and even after detangling and combing my hair I could see very less hair fall. So I can say it has reduced my hair fall problem to some good extent. I don’t have grey hair so cannot comment on that part.


·    It is formulated from a blend of 9 powerful natural oils
·    Paraben free
·    Suitable for all hair types
·    Non sticky and non-greasy hair oil
·    Smells like castor oil which is not over powering and no artificial fragrance
·    Very effective on reducing hair fall
·    Makes hair very soft and smooth
·    Promotes hair growth
·    Reduces dandruff problem
·    Controls fizziness making it manageable
·    Adds instant shine post usage
·    Travel friendly packaging


·        Little Expensive


Overall I am really impressed to see how it worked on reducing my hair fall issue, and I will wait for more 2 or 3 months to get the best results and hoping to get a complete cure on my hair fall problem with the help of this hair oil along with all the medications and food chart. It noticeably makes my hair soft and smooth, controls frizziness and reduces dandruff to some good extent. I would definitely recommend this hair oil to all my friends to try for.


Definitely Yes!



That’s all for today friends!


**Note: PR sample. Honest Review**


  1. The ingredients contain lot of good oils. Looks perfect for those suffering from hairfall. Great review...

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  2. I wasn't aware about this brand but with so many pros, I guess I should try it....

  3. The hair oil sounds quite expensive but really good for your tresses.


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