Review on Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Anti-Tan Body Lotion SPF 25 PA++

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Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to review a body lotion with SPF from Lotus Herbals. For the past few months I was noticing my overly tanned dry hands. Though, I use hand lotions for my dry and patchy arms, but I needed some extra care to protect them from the scorching beams of the sun, as I have to travel on every rotations for my office. So I picked up this body lotion especially for my hands, feet and started using every day before going out.

Now let’s get started with the review now

What the product claims:

Enhance your body's sun protection by using Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV-Protect Body Lotion SPF 25 PA+++ which is composed of calendula extracts and UV filters along with Enhance your skin tone and complexion with Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Anti Tan Body Lotion SPF 25 PA+++ which protects your skin from harmful radiations of sun and do not make face sweaty after application. This cream do not leave any greasy effect and has decent smell. It gives you the active triple protection and prevents skin tanning, wrinkles, sunburns and pre-mature ageing. It blocks the harmful UVA rays that can cause skin damage and cause skin diseases. This sunscreen body lotion is the balanced formulation of thyme, licorice, and soy protein that provides a radiant glow to the skin and cause skin diseases. This cleanser is clinically approved by the dermatologists for its mildness on skin and anti-allergic properties. Improve skin texture and protect your skin from sun damage by using Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Anti Tan Body Lotion SPF 25 PA+++



225(INR) for 250ml


You can get it from here Click and all beauty stores

My take on the product:

The product comes in regular Lotus Herbals bright orange color sturdy plastic packaging with a pump dispenser on the top. Packaging contains all the information about ingredients, price and other information related to the product. Pump dispenser is not that convenient to use and it will end up product wastage every time after each usage. So you must be careful while pumping it. The body lotion is white in color and it is very light in texture to work with. Light hand massage is needed to get the product absorbed into your skin. It has a soothing pleasant fragrance which lingers for some time after application. I apply this lotion every day before going to office on my hands and feet, it gives enough moisturization in the summers to my dry hands and feet keeping them hydrated for day long, but may not be a good moisturizer option for winter as it is light in nature. I already got super tanned hands and feet , mainly the direct sun exposed areas, I didn’t notice any improvement on reducing the existing tan apart from hydration benefit but few days back I did waxing on my hands and feet which removed black patches a little, and from that day I started keeping eyes on those areas. I felt like this body lotion worked on anti-tanning process to some extent and thus haven’t noticed any major tanning further.


•    Light non-greasy texture
•    Soothing pleasant smell which lingers for some time after application
•    Keeps skin moisturized
•    Prevents tanning
•    Affordable
•    Doesn’t make  skin sweaty


•    Packaging is not travel friendly due to the pump dispenser
•    Doesn’t work on removing existing tan
•    Not satisfied with the ingredients list


Overall it’s an affordable body lotion which can be a pretty good pick for summers to keep skin moisturized and prevents sun tan. I would like to recommend this lotion to all skin type beauties, but as I always prefer to use separate cream with high SPF values for my face to protect from sun tan, and moreover I am not satisfied with the ingredients list so I surely not recommend this lotion to try on your face.



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  1. I was thinking of trying this sunscreen lotion last time I went to Health & Glow stores. But I felt SPF 25 was low. Apart from that, this seems like a good sunscreen lotion for body...

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