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Hope you all are doing well. Today I am here with a product from L’OREAL, UV perfect SPF50 Advanced 12h UV protector, a sun guard is very necessary for all seasons but more in summers, it is a much needed item whenever we step out into the sun and we cannot skip it for a single day. Summer is in full swing here in Kolkata with scorching heat and sweat and with other essentials to beat this heat I got this high SPF sun guard, few weeks before. I was little skeptical while buying this product as I haven’t tried any skincare product from L’OREAL before but somehow I convinced myself and bought it. So today I am here to discuss whether this product worked on my sensitive skin or not!

So let’s jump into the review now J

What the product says:

Every day, your skin faces multiple aggressions such as UV rays and atmospherical pollution that trigger the creation of free radicals, responsible for attacking cells and breaking elastin and collagen fibres. The result is a deep alteration of skin and cells function.
UV Perfect gives you an inside/ out to protection against brown spots, skin darkening and premature ageing. The patented association of Mexoryl SX and XL [XL Block] provides optimal UVB and reinforced UVA protection. To prevent dullness, the formula is enriched in Detoxyl to inhibit pollutants fixation on the skin.
The ultimate UV & pollution shield, for a proven long-lasting protection for your skin!
A powerful Anti-Oxidant Complex now supplements Activa Cell in the formula, to reinforce protection against free radicals and better shield cells, elastin and collagen fibers.


525(INR) for 30ml



You can get it from here click

My Take on the Product:

The product comes in a very slim pearl white sturdy tube with a twisted cap on the top which keeps the product secure from inside. There is a narrow nozzle inside to dispense the product and overall the packaging is quite handy to carry wherever you want. Product has a light beige color and almost negligible smell, so it is not going to bother sensitive noses like me. It has a little thick consistency which is perfect and the application is very easy as the product is very smooth and gets absorb quickly, application is done with light hand dabbing or massaging and it will not leave any white cast behind. It feels light on my skin and doesn't lead to any sweating like other sun guards. It has further sheer whitening formula so you can skip your bb cream for daily use. It could not hide dark spots but can conceal light uneven skin tones and can give an even smooth finish. It is light in nature, and you couldn’t feel any greasiness in your hands or face post application but keeps skin moisturized. I have combination to dry skin type and sensitive around nose and chin area, this product works absolutely fine on those area without causing any itching or redness. It gives a dewy finish post application and I prefer to cover it up with a powder compact to avoid any kind of sweating in the summer. I like how it gives me an instant whitening effect with fresh look which remains for 2 to 3 hours in Kolkata’s humid weather along with compact powder, in my opinion this is quite decent, you may need the feel of reapplication after 4 to 5 hours if you want heavy duty application of this product. With high value of SPF, it protects my skin from sun tanning and harmful UV rays ofcourse. Oily skin type people can skip this product as it will make their skin look more greasy or oily but best suited for dry skin people. 


·         Handy travel convenient packaging
·         Works as sun guard as well as sheer whitening agent (you can skip your bb cream)
·         Contains SPF 50 which is high enough to combat against heat
·         Product gets absorbed easily and doesn’t feel any greasiness (oily skin people may feel it little heavy and hence greasy too)
·         Gives instant glowing and dewy effect which remains for sometime
·         Can able to hide light blemishes
·         Makes skin like naturally fresh and toned
·         It doesn’t leave any white cast post application
·         It works as a UV protector
·         Gives moisturizing effect


·         Little expensive
·         Not for oily skin as it gives a dewy finish


Overall I am satisfied with my purchase, apart from the price this is a quite decent product that you could try, which can protect your skin from sun damage as well as can give you an instant even toned dewy finish look. I do recommend this product especially to all my dry skin beauties.



That’s all for today darlings!!



  1. Sadly this is not for me as I have super oily skin!! Nicely reviewed dear. :)


  2. I just purchased this product yesterday. After reading your review, am quite excited to use it :)

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