Alanna - Naturally Beautiful Lavender & Mint Shower Gel Review

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How are you doing all my lovely friends? Today I am here to review a shower gel from the brand Alanna - Naturally beautiful, I have a huge thing for lavender fragrance, and I totally love the aroma how it relaxes me and I could feel the pure freshness but when it combined with the mint extracts it can give you the cooling effect which is an added benefit when you really like to distress yourself from a hectic day. A must have affordable bathing gel for you guys, which I am going to talk about today! But before going to the review part, I would like to introduce to the brand Alanna - Naturally Beautiful with you guys J

So let’s check see What the Brand says:

Alanna is a brand founded by Rasshi Bahel, totally a natural brand which makes all handmade beauty products mostly skincare and hair care stuffs, with 100% natural ingredients and there is no presence of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulphates  which can cause any kind of skin damage. According to the brand, they have the product range of handmade soaps, body butters, herbal packs both for skin and hair and they are extending their product range. I really got attracted by their tagline which is “Naturally Beautiful” that means they are offering beauty products with best natural extracts without any chemical preservatives that could harm our skin or hair, I am always more into organic natural products when it comes to skincare stuffs as my skin is sensitive and any kind of chemicals can cause skin irriations.

Thank you team for sending me some amazing products to try for from which I am going to share my experience about a shower gel today! So let’s jump into the review now J

Product Description:

Peppermint Oil, Coconut derivative base along with lavender oil makes a powerful anti-bacterial system which gives a pleasant and refreshing feel to your morning bath, keeping you rejuvenated throughout the day. Further combination of Amla and Reetha effectively treats pigmentation, acne and tones the skin.


Coconut Derivative Base, Aqua, lavender Oil, Pepperment Oil, Amla and Reetha Extract

How to use:

Apply appropriate amount on damp skin, lightly massage and rinse well with Luke warm water. Pat dry.


450(INR) for 200gm


You can get it from here Click Here or here Click Here

My take on the product:

The product comes in a hard plastic transparent bottle with product ingredients list, description and other information in the outside labeling. The bottle is covered with a beautifully printed cardboard paper box. It has a pump dispenser as a cap which is very easy to use and it doesn’t lead to any product wastage. Now coming to the fragrance which is really very soothing, it has a combination aroma of lavender which I like a lot and the cooling mint scent which can give the perfect relaxation. The shower gel is runny in consistency and absolutely transparent looking. I use it with a loofah, it lathers pretty well and requires little amount of product for full body application. It washes off easily without leaving any greasy film behind and cleanses skin well. It has the anti-bacterial property as it contains lavender oil and gives you the refreshing feeling after every wash you take in the morning.  


·         100% natural and handmade
·         Contains no parabens, no sulphates or any harsh chemicals
·         Perfect consistency for a shower gel
·         Nice soothing lavender, minty fragrance which gives you the fresh feeling and cooling effect too
·         Doesn’t make skin dehydrated after application though I like to apply body moisturizer after taking bath
·         It washes off easily without leaving any greasiness behind
·         Cleanses skin very well
·         Cruelty free


·         I couldn’t find any!


Overall this is a great budget friendly shower gel with a refreshing and soothing aroma of lavender and mint, perfect gel runny consistency for a shower gel, enriched with all the goodness of natural ingredients and no presence of any chemicals and lavender oil acts as an anti-bacterial agent which is obviously an added benefit. I would totally recommend this shower gel to all my friends to try for.



That’s all for today darlings!


***PR sample. Honest review***


  1. this Shower Gel really sounds very good :) thanks for the honest review :)

  2. This product seems worth trying :)

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