Review on The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum

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Hope you all guys are doing great! Today I am going to review a skincare product from The Body Shop, Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum. It has been quite a few months since I have started using this product and I have got to see some real improvements on the blemishes and discolorations near my chin area. I was little sceptical before trying this product as I have a little sensitive skin near my chin and nose area but this serum didn’t give me any kind of break outs or other skin irritations. Now please keep on reading me to know more about this product.

Let’s get started then!

What the product claims:

A very lightweight serum that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it velvety soft and shine free. Clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots.

- Clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots
- Lightweight texture, that quickly absorbs into the skin
- Leaves skin plumped with moisture
- Instantly skin looks brighter and more luminous
- With regular use, skin appears smoother, more healthy and translucent.


How to Use:

Apply 2 to 3 drops onto the face and neck and gently massage into skin every morning and evening before applying a cream


2450(INR) for 30ml


You can get it from here Click Here

My take on the product:

The product comes in a white classy glass bottle with a dropper cap on the top.  The packaging looks really elegant, it contains all the information about ingredients and other details too. The bottle is opaque so it is not possible to check the amount of the product remaining from the outside. Now coming to the texture part, which is very light weighted, water based and clear with no signs of colour at all. This has a very light fragrance which is not at all over powering, so don’t worry about sensitive noses, it’s not going to bother you. It looks like non- sticky and you will not feel any greasiness in your hands or face during application. Though it is completely water based, but I somehow feel it has a mild moisturizing effect which doesn’t lasts very long, so you need a moisturizer after this serum. I use 2 drops for each application which is enough to cover my full face, I generally rub the serum between my palm and pat all over my face.  I am using this serum twice in a day (morning and night before going to bed) for last few months without any fail, and I am really happy to see the results I am getting from it. It actually does almost everything whatever it claims, it helped me to reduce my mild dark spots and discoloration near chin area, and overall it helped me to get even skin tone near that area. It can give an instant brighten looking skin immediately after application and you could notice a clear, smooth and healthy skin for sure with regular usage.


·         Light weighted non- greasy and non- oily serum
·         Mild fragrance
·         Works effectively on reducing dark spots, skin discoloration
·         Makes skin brighter looking with regular usage
·         Gives a smooth, healthy glow
·         Leaves skin plumped with mild moisturization effect
·         Little quantity required for each application


·         A bit pricey


Overall I am really very impressed with it and this has become my HG serum! It does everything whatever it claims like reducing dark spots, skin discoloration, making skin healthy and brighter looking and plumped with moisturization effect, so I will definitely repurchase this product and would totally recommend it to all of you guys who you want to look over it’s price and go for it!

Thumps up to this product!



That’s all for today darlings!!!



  1. This sounds like a great serum. I've got to give it a try for sure.

  2. Serums are life.
    And when it's from TBS, it just can't go wrong.
    I have witnessed the glow on your face always.
    It sure works well.

  3. Have been eyeing this serum for long! confused between this and Oils of Life!

  4. Have heard so much about this product..Well reviewed Dona..

  5. Except for the price point, everything else seems quite appealing about this miraculous serum :)

  6. Nicely reviewed. Great to hear that it works :)


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