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We all know that dreams are infinite, dreams are gigantic, dreams are alluring and dreams are monumental. Dreams are the ones which doesn’t let you slumber and what else can accompany your dreamland’s journey, more than a cup of ‘Coffee’. It’s the time to think, it’s the time to run and it’s time to raise your hands for the selfless cup of coffee, which is the unvarnished companion towards your aim. So let’s buckle up and prepare our self for the old saying i.e “A lot can happen over a coffee” J So today we will be discussing about some amazing filter coffee blends that has been sent by Beanstalk & Leaves few days back, thanks team for sending across ! J Though I am an instant coffee lover, but when I was sent these filter coffees, I was really very excited to try them out and did some internet research on filter coffees and their making procedure.

What is filter coffee and how they made?

Indian filter coffee is a coffee drink made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with the extraction obtained by brewing finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter. Outside of India the term "filter coffee" may refer to drip brew coffee, which is a distinct form of preparing coffee.
To make filter coffee in Indian style we need a unique metal container that resembles two cylindrical cups, one of which has a pierced bottom that nests into the top of the "tumbler" cup, leaving ample room underneath to receive the brewed coffee. The upper cup has two removable parts, a pierced pressing disc with a central stem handle and a covering lid.

·         The upper cup will contain the coffee powder and water to form the extraction and the lower cup will have the extracted filter coffee.

·         After the filtering procedure, you have to take a cup, add some sugar and pour that extracted portion from the lower cup of that metal container( portion quantity will be measured according to how you want your coffee to be strong)

·          Add required quantity milk into the cup and stir it very well until you will notice your filter coffee is looking frothy and that’s it! Your filter coffee is ready. J

About the Brand!

We are two hot shots on the run to take over the world.

Actually we are two guys who love coffee and have taken it upon ourselves to make sure we can provide the world and its inhabitants the best experience when it comes to Coffee Drinking, by going into the nitty gritty and whilst keeping our love for coffee alive. We are not Coffee Connoisseurs so coffee to us is based on what we experience when we try different coffees. The different Blends that we have come up with are a combination of simplicity, depth and the essence of our story. We hope you enjoy the different experiences and do let us know your

You can check out their Instagram account here Click Here

Now that we have learnt to make filter coffee, we can check out what are the blends we have got to try for!


According to the brand, it says “Wakes you up with a bang only to make you the most efficient sentinel being who has achieved 100% efficiency. Basically what we are saying is that you get stuff done.”

This blend will give you a wakeup call, whenever you need that push to start up your day or you are lacking energy, it’s a perfect shot to boost you, so you definitely need this coffee as it is very strong. I do not prefer strong coffee but whenever I feel very lazy, I would have this blend for sure!


335(INR) for 250 gm

Smooth Operator:

According to the brand, it says “A blend that instantly translates you into a smooth smokin killer type fellow which in turn makes you feel invincibly smooth

I just love this variant, it is neither too strong nor mild, and I think this is the perfect blend that is capable enough to lift my mood anytime J


295(INR) for 250gm

Velvet Dew:

According to the brand, it says “This blend is engineered to bring out the best in you and makes the world a better place to live in. Helps in putting your angry neighbours, girlfriends and your ex-girlfriend in a good mood.”

This is a mild coffee variant, so you can just relax and have this coffee!


355(INR) for 250gm


You can get it from here Click Here


All three coffee variants have the same black pouch packaging with zip lock on top, zip lock ensures to secure the coffee powder from inside, you can either put it in the same pouch or transfer it in an air tight container, so that can help you to lock the aroma of all these coffee variants.


·         Three different blends for your different moods
·         Great packaging which comes with zip lock
·         Nice strong aroma to boost up your mood and make you feel fresh
·         Budget friendly
·         Online availability


·         Nothing as such


I am totally impressed by these coffee blends from the Beanstalk & Leaves, different variants of coffee powders to match your different moods, great zip lock packaging, lovely aroma and yes affordable too! If you are a coffee addict like me, then I would totally recommand you guys to go for these filter coffee blends without any doubt!



That’s all for today friends!



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  1. great post ...different variants of coffee powders ... I must must buy this :)

  2. Love the coffee name. Sounds interesting. :) will give it a try.


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