Review on Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Facial Scrub

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Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to review a face scrub from Ma Earth Botanicals which I am using for past two weeks. I generally use face scrubs thrice in a week and most of them are homemade, because of my sensitive skin near nose and chin area, I mostly avoid harsh face scrubs and those are loaded with chemicals which causes serious skin irritation and rashes. This rose face scrub which I have received has very mild scrub particles and it is very gentle on my skin. 

Now let’s start with the detailed review 

What the product claims:

A truly luxurious gentle powder exfoliant to buff and cleanse all skin types. Prepared using a complex blend of ground Rose petals, powdered nuts and plant extracts that are deeply nourishing and provide relief from dryness. Regular cleansing with this fine powder helps to brighten skin and bring glow and radiance to the face. Gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells and grime, leaving skin deeply cleansed.

How to use:

Mix one teaspoon with rose water or milk to form a wet paste. Using circular upward movements, gently scrub the paste over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes.  Its best to leave on as a mask for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


Avena sativa (Oats), Rosa (Rose), Prunus dulcis (Sweet Almond), Prunus dulcis (Sweet Almond) nut shells, Silybum Marianum (Milk), Rosa Damascena (Rose) essential oil, Pelargonium (Geranium) essential oil 


275(INR) for 40 gm 


You can get it from here Click Here

My Take on the product:

The product comes in a transparent plastic tub packaging which has a black screw lid on the top. There is a black color paper labelling outside the tub which contains all the information about the product including price, ingredients etc. It has white colored inner lid inside for extra protection. The Product is off-white in color,dry powder form with tiny scrub granules which is not at all harsh in nature. Scrub has an amazing rose fragrance which is very soothing and it lingers for sometimes even after rinsing off the product from skin. As it comes in dry form we need to make paste either with rose water or milk, I prefer to mix it with milk and make a paste of it, I then gently massage (don’t rub the scrub) the paste all over my face and neck for 5 minutes and leave it for another 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse off with normal water. So according to their instruction we can use this product in both ways, as a mild scrub as well as a face pack. Though it has mild scrub particles, it is very effective in removing dead skin cells and makes skin clean and soft. Though it is temporary but it gives an instant radiant glow with immediate effect after application. It makes skin very smooth without drying my skin. As you all know I have sensitive skin near nose and chin area, I was little skeptical about that if it cause any irritation but I am really happy to see it didn’t as because it contains only natural ingredients which is absolutely safe for sensitive skin too. I am using this scrub thrice in a week and I can see a very cleaned, soft and smooth skin after each application. 


·         Scrub particles are not harsh for your gentle skin
·         Capable of removing dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil making skin clean
·         Doesn’t make skin dry after application
Makes skin soft and smooth 
·         Made with all natural ingredients
·         Amazing rosy fragrance which is very soothing
·         Travel friendly packaging
·         Doesn’t cause any irritations near my sensitive skin area.( safe for using sensitive skin too)


·         Little bit pricey


Overall it’s a good scrub which contains some really effective natural exfoliating particles, capable of removing dead skin cells along with dirt and impurities making skin clean and smooth without any drying effect. I would totally recommend this scrub to all my friends to try for if you really want to pamper your skin with some goodness of natural scrub ingredients and essential oil to make your skin clean and smooth.



That’s all for today darlings!


***PR Sample. Honest Review***


  1. I have used this scrub and totally loved it and have a similar opinion like you :) nice review and pics Dona :)

    Skincare Villa

  2. Great pictures and review. I seriously want to try this but then I have to make a paste, I am lazy :D Will see hehe

  3. I am totally loving this. This is by far the best face scrub I have used.

  4. Nice pics you have clicked... I love natural scrubs. Will give this a try.

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  5. Seems like a nice scrub :) But I have acne issues :( :(

  6. This sounds perfect for my sensitive combination skin but i feel lazy to make paste and all :D but definitely worth a try..

  7. Nice review! Being a rose scrub and mild too, it's a hit scrub :)

  8. Sounds nice. This is a good scrub for sensitive skin. Great review.

  9. I just loved it ! Very well reviewed Dona!

  10. I've got to try this brand.. even though it is a little expensive the the product really sounds good.


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