Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial with Tape[Guest Post]

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Eyes are windows to the soul and therefore they are the essential part of your facial features to highlight your beauty. A delicately applied cat eye makeup is the trendiest way to enhance your beauty so that you step out of the house and mesmerize the world with the flicker of your eyes.


Applying a perfect cat eye liner in an expert’s t style is what every lady longs for but it sounds tough rather impossible for many to do it themselves. Don’t lose hope!  Here we will make it as easy as ABC for you .All you need is bear two things in your mind:
1.       Perfect cat eyeliner is the best iconic look that you can wear without putting too many efforts on the rest of the makeup.

2.       If you follow some easiest tips and tricks, that are shared here, taken from the top makeup artists, you can achieve a perfect cat eye makeup look without putting in too much of hard work and practice. You just need a scotch tape along with liquid eyeliner to serve the purpose.

You might find this idea of using a ‘tape’ quite odd, in a makeup technique, but it’s the best trick to applying cat eyeliner without any flaws and fears .A tape is used as a stencil in the procedure of the eye makeup thus pinpointing the exact angle with perfection giving it the flattering edge.


1.       Liquid eye liner
2.       A scotch tape


Cut a small piece of scotch tape; about an inch long. Now, press it on the back of your hand a couple of times, just to make it less sticky for your delicate eyelids.


Place this tape on your eyelids carefully starting from beneath the outer edge of your lower eyelashes ending to the outer edge of your eyebrow. Remember, it must not touch the outer corner of your eyebrow rather place it a little away from the end of the eyebrow. It will help to make the trendiest wing here.


Start applying the liner from the middle of upper eyelash .Starting line must be a little thick carrying it to the outer edge of the tape. Use short strokes to reach the end. Place your little pinkie finger on your cheekbone to maintain your stability while you move your fingers up.


The strokes you make to the outer edge must be thinner and straight, using tape as a stencil. Don’t worry about the little mess that might happen on the tape because it is going to be removed along with the tape anyways.


Let it dry for few seconds and when you are sure that your liner has stayed, remove the tape softly.


Starting from the middle of your upper eye lash again, make thin short strokes towards the tear duct of your eye. Make sure that this line must be closest to your upper eye lash and thinnest as well. This line tends to determine the width of your eyeliner. You can either apply a single long stroke or work with short strokes to reach to the point.

Here you go with your perfect cat eye casual look.


If you wish to carry a party look, same procedures would be followed starting from an inch long scotch tape stick to your eyelids carefully starting from beneath the outer edge of your lower eye lashes and ending it to the outer edge of your eyebrow. Remember, it must not touch the outer corner of your eyebrow rather place it a little away from the end of the eyebrow.
  • ·         Apply an eye primer to make your eye makeup stay.
  • ·         Blend your desired light colored eye shadow on the eyelid.
  • ·         Do the natural contour of the inner eyebrow bone structure.
  • ·         Put on a little darker tone of the shade you wish to apply on the outer edge of the eyelid, following the tape stencil.
  • ·         Make sure that you blend it pretty well to develop a natural but stunning look.
  • ·         Ignore the mess of eye shadow’s residue on tape and apply the eyeliner as defined above.
  • ·         Add more volume to your beautiful lashes by adding lasting waterproof mascara.
  • ·         Let this makeup settle for few seconds and remove the tape carefully to reveal the dramatic cat eye look.

Now, you are ready to flaunt your perfect eye makeover style to the world. Remember, eye makeup is an art, so, be an artist and experiment different styles. This tape technique will help maintaining your expert’s look.

That's all for today!

Author: Jennifer(Contributor)


  1. Amazing Dona.. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nice post! I will try in that way too!

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