Ethicare Remedies Fclin Shampoo Review

Hi Friends,

Hope you guys had a fulfilled and happy weekend. Today I am going to review a shampoo from Ethicare Remedies which has been recently launched. My friends already know about my haircare routine and I am really very choosy when it comes to haircare products, I really don’t want to mess up with my chemically treated hair. So when I was sent this SLES free shampoo by the brand itself, I was very excited to try this out and after several usages I decided to write a review on this product.

So let’s get started now.

What the product claims:

This shampoo is specially designed for clogged follicles of hair to unclog them and hydrated dry, damaged and rough hair. This shampoo gives the hair long lasting moisturization and nourishes hair enhance enhancing the natural shine. It has that formula which improves the manageability of the hair and improves the condition of damaged hair.  

Key Ingredient:

D-Panthenol 3.0%


160(INR) for 100ml


You can get it from here Click Here

My Take on the product:

The product comes in a black squeezable tube with flip cap on the top which is handy and travel convenient too. Tube contains all the information about the shampoo. Shampoo is not so thick, little runny in consistency, transparent in nature. It has a mild coconut fragrance which is refreshing, and I like it. It is very mild which lathers moderately, it is suggested that a cleanser be applied to the wet scalp. I have an oily scalp and dry hair, to avoid that oiliness, I do wash my hair every alternate day. It cleanses my hair well from everyday dirt and impurities but as it is a mild shampoo it doesn’t have the ability to remove oiliness from my scalp so I end up washing my hair frequently. Another bit of information I like to share is that it is not making my hair dry though I prefer to use conditioner after shampooing my hair. In the very first application I didn't see anything noticeable but it really didn’t make my hair very dry which I like it. Here is a small information, hair follicles can be clogged with dirt, bacteria and oils from different glands or using different hair serums can also cause of clogging and this should be cleaned regularly otherwise it can create scalp irritation and hair loss. Since I have clogged follicles(I have little itchy scalp sometimes and little hair fall problem), I do believe this shampoo is really a must try for my type of scalps and I would continue to use this shampoo. Even after several usages I haven’t feel any dryness in my treated hair which is really great. Yes it can make hair smooth and manageable too with using conditioner and gives a temporary shine to my hair. I can’t see any improvement in my split ends yet. Hope to see some result on that too. I am using this shampoo in every alternate day and there is no problem if you use it regularly as it doesn’t contain SLES.  


·         SLES, Paraben and Phthalate free
·         Handy packaging
·         Mild coconut fragrance which is refreshing
·         Light weighted and mild shampoo
·         Cleanses scalp well removing dirt
·         Doesn’t make hair dry
·         Makes hair soft and manageable


·         Couldn’t see any improvement in my hair spilt ends
·         Couldn’t say anything about hair regrowth as it a long duration process which needs continuous usages


Overall it’s a very mild shampoo which can be used to prevent clogged hair follicles that can eventually cause itchy scalp, inflammations and hair loss. It cleanses scalp well removing dirt and impurities without making hair dry. I would recommend this shampoo to all my friends who are suffering from such hair problems.



That’s all for today friends!


***PR Sample. Honest Review***


  1. Nice review, I am liking this shampoo :)

  2. Don't you think Ethicare product's has medicinal compounds in them ? Somehow they seem more like medicated products less of natural skincare.

  3. Wish they would mention the full ingredient list. The shampoo sounds great though. Nice review.

  4. Products that claim to get rid of split ends don't really work.


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