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Hope you all are doing very well. Today I am here to talk about one of the daily essentials without which we cannot step out this summer, no it’s not the sunblock, you can say it is a very exquisite liquid without which you cannot be dressed fully!. A precious liquid which is good enough to remind you that you love yourself and make people love you! Yes it is the perfume which creates bonding with people by its enchanting aroma. I somehow feel everyone loves to be felt unique and must wear a signature luxurious scent by which he or she can be identified and that is be only possible with perfumes. Same thing goes with me and being a huge fan of perfumes or scents I love to try different fragrances and when I received a handful of pocket perfumes from ‘Neesh’ which are known to be ‘PIKPACK’ perfumes, I enjoyed trying and testing all of them and thought of sharing my experience with you guys.

What the company says:

A company which offers enormous variety of fragrances(ittar) with unique packaging and claims to use all natural and fresh ingredients for making the perfumes and ensure to satisfy each of their customers for every occasions and personalities.


340(INR) for 20ml pikpack


You can get it from Click Here or Click Here or Click Here


Here I am clean bowled; I am really impressed with their royal ‘Shahi’ packaging which is very unique. They come in the shape of rectangular hardy plastic container with a spray nozzle. Each and every perfume comes in a different color indicating different variant of fragrances with a unique name which reminds me of royal ‘Nawab’ era! You can find the full ingredients list in the packaging. These plastic containers are then covered with paper box further. Really cute and compact which is good enough to fit your pockets, bags anywhere you want?

Staying Power:

Thank god I don’t sweat much, even in this hot humid summer these perfumes can stay up to 6 to 7 hours for me and I strongly believe wearing time would increase without sweating.

My take on each perfumes I received:

Zaafran E Hindustan: 

Top Note: Iran Saffron, Pink Rose
Middle Note: White woods, Dark rose
Base Note: Musk, Amber

Important: Note is denoted as descriptors of scents that can sensed upon the application of a perfume and which is separated into three classes as Top, Middle and Base

Among all the perfumes, this one is my most favorite. It has a mix aroma of rose and musk with a little hint of saffron.  Ideal for occasions as it has a strong spicy aroma, but you can wear it as a daily wearable as well. It stays up to 7 hours easily which is great.

Attar E Nazakat:

Top Note: Arabian, Agarwood, Dry Honey
Middle Note: Castoreum, Patchouly
Base Note: Dry Amber, Musk

It has a very strong smell of Arabian agarwood and dry honey, I personally like floral fragrances but sometimes I switch to strong ones according to my mood. So I will use it for the same.  I feel this is more suitable as a men perfume.

Belle D Oud:

Top Note: Honey, Berry, Iran saffron
Middle Note: Indian rose, Exotic Prune
Base Note: Musk, Gark Amber

This one is my second favorite. It has a perfect combination of musk and dark amber, delicacy of honey and berries which is a very exotic and unique fragrance. Again a great option for any occasions.

Attar E Isq:

Top Note: Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Bakhoor
Middle Note: Agarwood, Amber
Base Note: Powdry Musk, Vanilla

My third favorite from all the perfumes I have received. It has a sweet fragrance of vanilla and nutmeg, lovely scent that is very much soothing too.

Attar E Neesh:

Top Note: Indian Rose, Iran saffron
Middle Note: Indian Shamama, Patchouly
Base Note: Blackwood, Amber

It has a mixed smell of Indian rose and saffron with a hint of amber. It has really very strong fragrance which lasts very long.


·         Cute travel friendly compact packaging
·         Wide variety of fragrances to choose for
·         Long lasting fragrance
·         Natural and fresh ingredients
·         Do not causes skin irritations for me
·         Great value for money


·         Nothing as such


Overall I am really impressed with this cute ‘shahi’ style packaging perfumes, which could a great value for money as it comes in 20ml pikpack which is good enough for several usages. I really love the unique idea of compact containers which can be easily fits into your pockets, bags anywhere so very handy I must say! Wide spectrum of fragrances to choose which lasts really very long without causing any irritation as they claims to be made of natural ingredients.  I would highly recommend these perfumes to all my friends who are looking for really budget friendly exotic, strong or floral fragrances which can be lasts for long.

Thumps to these perfumes!!!



That’s all for today friends!


***PR Sample. Honest Review***


  1. really nice & detailed review
    enjoyed reading

  2. you have great taste
    I too like floral perfumes with a hint of saffron

  3. Nice detailed review. I am not all that into perfumes but again I want that packaging too cute to let it go ^_^

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  4. They all look so tempting! Great review <3

  5. Belle De Oudh is something I would prefer! Loved your review :)

  6. I sweat a lot as Mumbai has the worst heat and humidity.. these last for 3 hours or so depending whether ur indoor or outdoor...
    Thanks fr sharing the review

  7. I am really loving the packaging of perfumes. They will be perfect for travel.

  8. The names are so attractive and one has to give them a try. Nice review. Shahi packaging makes them even more royal! My fb id:

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