Review on Aroma Essentials Choco Scrub

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Hope you all are doing well. Now those who want to give their body a chocolate treat, please raise your hands?:-D if you did then please continue reading this post because today my topic is about a chocolate scrub from Aroma Essentials which actually can be a treat to your body. Chocolate lovers like me are seriously warned that once you open the product, please hold back yourself from eating it:-P

So let’s start with the review.

Product says:

It is enriched with oats, almond oil which lifts away dead skin cells, remove dirt impurities from your skin leaving it soft and smoother surface.


Coco powder , oats, milk powder , curd powder, sunflower oil, almond oil


450(INR) for 100gm with self-life 6 months


You can get it from Click Here  . It is their Facebook account or you call them at
9886497272/7760988272 to order.

My Take on the product:

The product comes in a white plastic jar which has a twisted cap on the top. You cannot find the ingredient list within the packaging level but it is clearly mentioned that the product is made with finest natural ingredients, chemical free and artificial fragrance free, dermatologically tested and not tested on animals. As these products are made in small scales and for that reason they all are freshly made and should be usable best before 6 Months. While you open the cap you could feel you have a handful of chocolates omg!!! Exactly like dairy milk, smells delicious that you have to restrict yourself from eating:-P!!!!! Surprisingly I saw a piece of dairy milk inside the package, really a royal chocolate treat I must say! The product is of chocolate brown color, has a coarse small and large particles combined in thick density. It comes in a dry texture and you have to make a paste of it before application. You have to work a little hard to make the paste as the product is not easily soluble in milk or curd or rose water or normal water based upon your choice. As I have dry skin on my entire body, I make a thick paste with curd and apply over my hands, neck. I rub the paste little harder so that the product can work on pulling away the dead skin and impurities. After rubbing I leave it for 5 to 10 mins and wash it off with normal water. It is easy to wash off the remaining scrub particles without any hassle. It makes my skin surface very soft and smooth leaving a yummy chocolaty scent all over. My skin feels super soft and moisturized such that I can skip applying any moisturizer after scrubbing because this product never leaves skin dry. I have noticed it keeps my skin hydrated for day long. I have started using this scrub twice in a week and I think such a routine for dry skin people, like me, is enough. As it has heavy moisturization oily/combination skin people may use it once in a week. Just a small quantity needed to make a generous amount of paste.


·         Travel friendly packaging
·         Delicious fragrance
·         Good ingredient lists
·         Removes dead skin leaving skin soft and smooth
·         Doesn’t make skin dry
·         Keeps skin hydrated for long
·         Need a small quantity for each application so a 100 gm tub can lasts for long
·         Don’t need to apply moisturizer after scrubbing


·         Expensive
·         Little difficult to make the paste and blend


Overall I am happy with the product, successfully pulls out the dead skin making skin surface soft and smooth, chocolaty yummy smell lasts for long and keeps skin moisturized for the day long. Yes  I would recommend this product to all skin types.



That’s all for today!


***PR Sample.Honest Review***


  1. Your description of the product made me so hungry.. Lol
    I wud love to try this sometime.. Thanks fr sharing

  2. This literally sounds so yummy and nice :) haha

  3. I can't resist myself from eating it and that chocolate piece makes me more.crazy :P

    1. me too Mariyam !!!! but hold myself somehow from eating it..:-P

  4. This scrub sounds absolutely amazing. I stopped at chocolate and started drooling :D

  5. Aroma products never fail to impress...gald it works for your :) <3

    1. I really like this brand, hope to try more products from them soon!!

    2. Me too, maybe I will order the eye corrector gel for dark circles :)

  6. sounds really nice :)

  7. Whats it with us and the chocolate eh? Anything chocolaty means " Take my money " :D Loved your detailed review :)

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