Lomilomi ACEROLA 7 Skin Scheduler Friday Recovery Mask Review from Skin18

Hi beauties,

Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to review another sheet mask from Skin18, LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Recovery Mask. I really do enjoy trying sheet masks whenever I want some instant freshness without any effort, also whenever I am in hurry these masks are a saviour that make my skin instant ready with a little touch of glow and suppleness. There are 7 different masks in this range, and this particular mask is called a Recovery mask which should be tried in Friday. The mask recovers our skin from the week long tiredness, stress and pollution.

Now let’s get started.

What the product says:

Happy Friday! Enjoy happily as much as possible, stress out! This is highly enriched product of Acerola fruit extract and skin activators, and nutritional contents on the sheet with excellent skin adhesion and absorption. It cares oil and moisture, blocks toxic substances to skin and makes moisturizing and elastic skin.(from their website)


233.71(INR) approx. which you can get it from Click Here


You can get from here Click Here

How to use the product:

1.       After washing your face, calm your skin by applying toner.
2.       In case of sensitive skin, test the mask essence on a wrist before use.
3.       Gently put mask on the face, take it off after 15 to 30 minutes, absorb essence left by dabbing skin.
4.       Apply the extra essence remaining in an empty mask pouch after being properly absorbed into skin.
5.       The extra essence in the pouch could be used for moisturizing your body parts such as neck , arms and legs.

My take on the product:

I really liked the colorful and fun packaging of the sheet masks. There is a single mask sheet in every package. Its quite easy to tear off the package and it is travel friendly too. As you open the package you can smell a very delicious fruity fragrance. While opening the package, we can see a white folded sheet mask which is dipped in the essence which is enriched with serum. I applied the mask on my cleansed and toned skin as they suggested. I found the sheet mask is little bigger in size for my face so I tried to fit the mask all over my face by folding a little. It creates a cooling effect after applying on the face. I kept the mask for 30 minutes to absorb the whole essence into my skin that is soaked by the mask. After removing the mask properly I massage the left over essence all over my face, neck and hands remember not to rinse off the essence. It leaves little greasy and sticky feeling all over the area I have applied the essence so I would suggest all of you to use this mask before bed time. No need of moisturization after the application as this essence will give enough hydration to your skin. I couldn’t see any brightness effect but my skin feels soft and smooth and looks hydrated on the next morning which remains for day long. I haven’t faced any break outs after the usage and my skin looks lively.

·         Delicious fruity fragrance
·         Fun packaging which is travel convenient too
·         Keeps skin hydrated for day long
·         Budget friendly
·         Makes skin soft and supple

·         Feels sticky or greasy post usage( so suggested to use it before bedtime at night)


Overall this is a good mask which can make your skin soft and smooth after week long tiredness and exhaustion bringing a lively skin, it smells good and is budget friendly too.

That’s all for today darlings!


***PR sample. Honest Review***


  1. I am tempted to try this mask after reading your review :)

  2. I love sheet mask & I'm always excited to try it. Nice review.


  3. I want to try this, treat on friday's ;) Loved the detailed review ...
    I have tried two sheet masks, they too felt sticky afterwards that is where I loose my patience, in this humid weather it feels like my face is melting =))

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    1. oh then you should have to avoid these masks in summers!!

  4. I've too tried Korean sheet masks and they give results instantly! Such a detailed review :)

  5. seems great. Would love to try it :)



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