Essential tips on healthy skin and hair care routine this summer[Guest Post]

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Wonderful summer is perfect time for everyone to relax and enjoy, but there are those who are probably going to suffer. We are talking about your skin and your hair, two parts of you who are not always so very happy about salty water, sand, and high temperatures. While it is wonderful to swim in the ocean and spend time soaking in sun by the pool, your skin and hair might need a helping hand to recover from those moments.

Water, water everywhere

Yes, you will be spending plenty of time diving, swimming, and jumping in water, but do you ever think about what other chemicals there are? Pool water is always full of chlorine and sea and ocean water has plenty of salt and minerals. While these ingredients are not bad for you, long exposure to any of them can cause your skin and hair to dry. First and foremost, drink plenty of water! This will keep your skin hydrated and your mind clearer (this means fewer headaches, it’s been proven!). It’s important to note that drinking sodas and coffee will not be the same as drinking water, so you try focusing on clear or sparkly water instead.

Get your body what it needs

Because of high temperatures you will likely be sweating a lot. While this may be your concern because of sweat stains, you should also know that sweat takes out other nutrients from your organism, such as potassium. In some extreme cases it may even lead to vitamin deficiency. Just like you will be protecting your skin with sunscreen and drink more water, you should also make sure you get additional nutrients such as vitamin C serum or magnesium pills.

Protect your hair

Water for your body equals conditioner for your hair, so you should replenish your hair’s moisture every few days, even if you’re using dry shampoo. Because it’s going to be super-hot outside, you might want to lay your blow dryer aside. Instead of straightening your hair embrace some of this year’s favourite hairstyles and wear messy buns or lovely loose braids instead. In addition, you might also make your own hair masks with coconut oil and egg yolks. Not only will these homemade masks restore some of your hair’s natural glow, it will also speed up its growth.

Sunburnt? Here’s what you can do

It’s a common scenario: you get to the beach or the pool, look in your bag and discover with dread that you forgot to pack your sunscreen. Or you did pack it, but you forgot to reply after getting out of the water and now your skin is all red and you’re in pain. Sadly, there is not much that can be done now, but luckily you don’t have to endure the pain. If you just got home and have nothing else to work with, apply some cold yoghurt and you will instantly feel relief. At the first chance you get, go to the nearest pharmacy or drugstore and get yourself cooling gels and balms. Apply them generously and within a few days you will be as good as new.

Summertime is for fun, games, parties, and festivals, not for sitting at home and worrying. While you may hesitate to take up some of your favourite activities because they can damage your skin, try not to worry too much. Healthy skin and hair care will allow you to forget about worrying because you will be happy with the results these easy tips have provided.

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