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Hi Friends,

How often is it that you shop online? More than a few times right? I myself am a shopping junkie, and extremely lazy, so I prefer to shop online after going through reviews of the product. In many cases I have even checked out a product at a store but bought the same only after checking out the prices online. So, needless to say online is always cheaper, and I love the comfort of my couch rather than visiting the shopping malls. The online also gives me offers that are very tempting and I usually end up buying more than I wanted. Last week I was about to order a product from Nykaa, when I remembered a friend telling me about a site she found,

How do you feel if you get an offer over an existing offer, feels pretty good right? That’s exactly why I went ahead and visited, this website gives you 100/- on your first purchase and thereafter goes ahead and gives you a cashback (mentioned against sites/products) on the offer price of the existing product at the online store. I signed up, ordered the product and got the 100/- in my account within a few days, I was worried if it would be a rip-off like quite a many online sites, that promise a lot and deliver very less, but I am happy to be proved wrong. I found an exciting referral program from them, which says “Give 100/- get 100/-” (conditions are very clearly defined on the website).

Now let’s check how it works

About the Site: helps to save the money of their consumers with every time they shop at their merchants like Nykaa , Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. That’s amazing right? So we can shop at any of their many merchants and can be rewarded a percentage of our money as cashback!!!

Now How the Works:

Shopback has different renowned merchants almost a figure of 300+, so we can shop online from these stores via and in return Shopback gets commission for referring us to shop on their stores! But great thing is that Shopback shares a portion of the commission with us, such a brilliant idea right!!

How to get started with the :

First of all you have to sign up to become a consumer so you will be redirected to their site for sign up process.

Once you are done with sign up process your account will be created and it will be credited to 100/- as a bonus reward and you can avail up to 20% off from some of their merchants. Make sure you need to give your payment details after creating the account so that when your shopback account is credited with amount 200/- that will be directly transferred to your bank account.

Now Follow the steps to Shop online via :

1.Go to your Shopback here
2.You can be able to check all the different stores through which you are wanting to shop online

3.You can directly go to the 'search brand' tab and type the name, from which store you are looking for. I have typed Nykaa and it is appeared! Go to the 'Shop Now' button.

So we are now redirected to yippiee!!!


If we face any errors like payment rejected , incorrect details entered or etc while paying at the check out page, we can close that window immediately and get back to Shopback otherwise cashback process will not be performed, It is mandatory to stay on the same window for completing the purchase.

So this was the entire process we have to follow!! That's very easy and also convenient way to save your money while online shopping.

What say friends? I am sure you all are going to try this site from your next purchase?Do let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below!



  1. Seems like a great Cashback website :)

    1. do check out this site Sonali!!!! great offers you avail here..:-)

  2. Need to check this site out now :)

    1. yes sweety!!!do check it,it is truly a great site to save your money

  3. That's a gr8 site. Would surely check out :)

  4. I have tried bonusbay till now. will check this one out too. Very useful post!

  5. Looks like a great site. Will check it out.

  6. This sounds like a great cashback site. Got to check it out.

  7. For a crazy online shopper like mine, it's genuinely appreciated to have authentic n detailed information of some money-saver sites. Thanks for sharing. Will try exploring this next time.

    Shilpa Bindlish

  8. For a crazy online shopper like mine, it's genuinely appreciated to have authentic n detailed information of some money-saver sites. Thanks for sharing. Will try exploring this next time.

    Shilpa Bindlish


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