Aroma Essentials D-Tan Mask Review

Hi beauties!

Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to review a facial product from Aroma Essentials, their D-Tan face pack. I think this is the best time for reviewing a product which claims to rescue your skin from sun tanning. I have been using this facial mask for past two weeks (twice in a week) and thought of sharing my views with you guys.

So let’s start with the review.

What The product Claims:

It is a D-Tan mask but also works as an exfoliator. It cleans skin, removes excess oils on your skin. It is helpful in combating acne, fight against blackheads and pimples. Softens skin darkening after tanning and tones skin. It has no-known side effects and helps create truly radiant looking skin.


It has AHA, fermented potato and curd. It is a Bentonite clay mask rich with magnesium chloride which helps reduce acne as well as facial discoloration. Using Bentonite clay on any part of your body can helps to activate circulation, which helps oxygenate the skin.


250(INR) for 35gms with self-life of 6months


You can get it from Click Here  . It is their Facebook account or you call them at 9886497272/7760988272 to order.

My Take on the product:

It comes in a simple plastic round like tub packaging with lemon yellow colored screw cap on the top. You cannot find the ingredient list within the packaging level but it is clearly mentioned that the product is made with finest natural ingredients, chemical free and artificial fragrance free, dermatologically tested and not tested on animals. As these products are made in small scales and for that reason they all are freshly made and should be useable best before 6 Months. As you open the cap you can feel a mild fragrance which reminds me of multani mitti. The product is almost same color as multani mitti but little darker. It comes in a thick paste formula which is not at all runny but has perfect consistency, I can see some little grains like particles in the paste and when you apply it you have to give little effort to make even application all over your face. I leave the mask for at least 20 minutes to dry, I can feel the mask as very light weight when I apply on my face and it dries up very quickly. I can feel tingling sensation all over my face immediately after application, but it goes away as it dries. I have little sensitive skin near my chin and nose area, but I am happy to not see any redness or itchiness after I wash my face. I don’t feel the need of applying any moisturizer as it doesn’t make skin dry. It gives me an instant glow immediately after application and makes smooth softer skin. I couldn’t see any breakouts on my skin. I do not have acnes and blackheads so cannot comment on the fact of reducing those but it makes my mild coarse nose surface to an even, softer surface with immediate effect. You cannot expect a miracle on detanning your skin from sun damage, but you can feel this product is working gradually to make your skin radiant with regular usage.


·         Good Ingredients list
·         All natural products
·         Light weighted
·         Effective on detanning process
·         Makes skin smooth and soft with little effect on reducing pimples(not acnes but very mild pimples)
·         Gives instant glow immediately after application
·         No breakouts
·         Totally chemical free and artificial fragrance free
·         Not tested in animals
·         Dermatologically tested


·         Little bit expensive


Overall this is a good detan mask, light weighted texture with very mild fragrance which gives instant glow and makes skin soft and smooth immediately after application. It helps in reducing sun tan to some extent with regular use. Can be suitable for sensitive skin too as it doesn’t cause any redness or breakouts post usage. I would like to recommend this product to all my beauties, do give this mask a try and let me know how do you feel about it.

I hope you find this post useful, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!




***PR sample. Honest review***


  1. Great review! I like such ready-to-use masks! And if it works on de tanning the skin, then nothing like it :)

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  2. Bentonite Clay has amazing benefits plus potatoes is an added amazing ingredient....

    Nice review Dona :)

    1. yes Sonali! I did a small research about Bentonite clay on the internet and found some really good impacts of it!

  3. sounds like a decent product for summer :)

  4. If it works then spending Rs 250 will not bother me ;)

  5. It is suitable for sensitive skin is a great plus to reduce sun tan.. Nice review!

  6. Impressive ingredients. Sounds like a good detan mask.Nice review.

  7. hey dona ! D-tan masks are very essential for these summers. Thanks dear for the review. I am going to try it.

    Can you tell me, how can i D-tan my arms area.

    1. Hi Rishika, you can apply potato flesh directly on your arms, do this process everyday for atleast a month and let me know how it is working!

  8. This sounds like a great mask. I love using brightening masks.

  9. These kind of products are a must for summer. I have used the anti tan mask from Just herbs last summer and this year I restocked it. Great review.

    1. even I got the same product, lets see how it works. thanks:-)

  10. Great review....Will surely give this one a try... :)


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