Inglot Liquid Eyeliner in shade ‘30’, Review, Swatch, EOTD

Hi ladies,

Hope you are doing very well. Today I am going to talk about a liquid eyeliner from Inglot in shade ‘30’. Inglot is very new to me but I have already become a fan of their matte range lipsticks and want to explore more of them. They really have some wide variety of shades in liquid eyeliners too and among them I have chosen this blue one which I liked the most.

So let’s see how it is.

What the product says:
High intensity pigments and an ultra-fine applicator guarantees high precision and solid color with this quick drying liquid liner that doesn’t smudge.

950(INR) for 4ml

My Take on the product:
The eyeliner comes in black sleek plastic packaging which is sturdy and easy enough to be kept anywhere. It has a very long thin applicator brush which is also the cap of the eyeliner. I like the applicator as it makes each application very easy. You can make very smooth thin-winged line with it. The shade number is mentioned in the bottom of the plastic black package. It would have better if Inglot had included shade name along with the number, then it would have been easy to pick up a shade of your choice and moreover it would be more interesting rather than only having a shade number. The liquid is little runny in nature but I think it is the perfect texture to have the desired fine thin line. The eyeliner is intensely pigmented, just needed a single swipe and you can get the dark pigmented perfect thin line. I always shake the bottle before applying it which is suggested by the Inglot expert. Though it is watery, it only takes some seconds to dry, giving a matte finish look. It will then remain intact for long hours and doesn’t smudge at all. This shade is a beautiful navy blue color which glides very easily and I am really in love with this liner. It is not completely waterproof as I have noticed while removing, but you will need a makeup remover to completely wash it off. Staying power is great; It almost stayed day long for me.

·         Very smooth application
·         Perfect watery formula to achieve thin desired line
·         Long sleek applicator with thin brush for smooth application
·         Free from parabens
·         Pretty navy blue shade all day and night time look
·         Stays for day long
·         Doesn’t smudge

·         Expensive

Overall I am really happy to have this liner, as it is highly pigmented, has a great staying power with easy smooth application. Those who love blue eyeliners, they will be delighted to have this shade as this is pretty gorgeous which is good for day and great specially in nighttime. I will definitely repurchase it but want to try other shades too.

4.5/5(.5 is deducted for the price)

That’s all for today my darlings


  1. This is such a lovely color. I have lakme forever eyeliner in blue but this looks better than my gel liner.

    1. yes dear, I really surprised to see how can be a liquid eyeliner which is runny in consistency but so much pigmented!!! I think , I should be getting other shades too!!!

  2. It seems like a great eyeliner. I have Lakme liquid eyeliner. I guess I should give it a try as application is very easy. Thanks for the review :)

  3. I have been trying to get my hands on it. Have already heard some good reviews including yours :)

  4. Oh what you did.I m already so obsessed with blue i have to but this beauty..Your eyes are so beautiful

  5. Oh that's such a gorgeous shade. I love it.

  6. Goshh!! Lovely EOTD. This liner looks really amazing at drawing precise lines. :-) Have a great day ahead!

  7. Really, really beautiful liner n EOTD!! It has the most precise brush tip I've ever seen! I'll try to get my hands on it if I ever get a chance (n some money in pocket :P)

  8. I love love love the color of this eyeliner. It is awesome. you applied it very well and looks great on your eyes :) But as always the product is expensive which i love. now a days makeup is too expensive. nice review dear :)

  9. All I can is it's the perfect navy blue shade for any time! :)

  10. Wow lovely EOTD, you have pretty eyes. Matte... I need to check this out :) Nice review :)

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  11. As of yet I have only tried the i-glide pencils from their range of eyeliners but honestly this looks great as well.. Specially loved it cause its blue :)

    The Chicster Diaries xx

  12. Loved the packaging and the shade! And of course the quality justifies the price :) Lovely EOTD dear :) <3

  13. I'm a blue eyeliner lover and this is gorgeous shade :) Loved your EOTD :)

  14. wooow dona..First I love the eotd and second i love the color..It sure is expensive but i love how well pigmented it is :*


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