Review on VLCC Pediglow Pedicure Kit

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to share a review on a pedicure product from VLCC which I have been eyeing for so many days.

It would be a little vast review so let’s start with now.

Product Description:
It is a complete Foot Care Kit.  Each formulation is inspired by nature, made with active herbs, exfoliating fruit extracts and plant derived oils. VLCC Pediglow kit provides perfect solutions for all foot problems for men and women.


425(INR) I got it on 375(INR) from Flipkart

The Kit contains four different products, a complete set to achieve a good pedicure.
·         VLCC pediglow foot cleanser -100 ml
·         VLCC pediglow foot scrub-50 g
·         VLCC pediglow foot cream- 50 g
·         VLCC pediglow foot spray-100 ml

Now going into detailed review of each product.

Note: Before starting this process, remove your nail polish first then trim and shape your nails to start with the pedicure process.

VLCC pediglow foot cleanser  review and My Take on this product:
It comes in a plastic transparent bottle with a flip cap through which the cleanser is clearly visible. Now Take a bucket of lukewarm water and pour 4 to 5 teaspoons of VLCC pediglow foot cleanser. The cleanser contains oapnut, daruhaldi, shikakai, dalchini, lemongrass oil, margosa and sles which has a sweet smell, that is little strong for sensitive nose, but very refreshing after a daylong tiredness. Soak your tired legs into it for 15 to 20 mintues and you can feel the freshness. It cleanses your feet very well, take a hot towel to dry your feet, you would feel your feet soft and smooth.

  • ·         It has a sweet citrus smell which is very refreshing.
  • ·         Lathers mildly
  • ·         Cleanses feet very well
  • ·         4 or 5 teaspoons are enough for a single use.
  • ·         It softens feet and mostly heels.

  • It contains sles

VLCC pediglow foot scrub review and My take on the product:
The VLCC pediglow foot scrub comes in a plastic tub packaging which is not very hygienic to use. It contains walnut shell powder, lemon grass oil, fenugreek, glycerine, triclosan, allantion, salicylic acid. Walnut is a very good exfoliator which cleans out the dead foot tissue and lemon grass helps in good blood circulation. Now take a decent quantity of this scrub, massage into cuticles thoroughly, and wipe it with a towel.  I use this scrub to massage all over my feet including my heels.

  • ·         Soft and creamy in consistency
  • ·         Scrub particles are decent enough for cleaning the dirt well
  • ·         Need a little quantity to apply
  • ·         Refreshing aroma which is soothing
  • ·         Doesn’t dry your feet after using it
  • ·         Lathers mildly

  • ·         Tub packaging is not hygienic

VLCC pediglow foot cream  review and My take on the product:
Again a tub packaging which contains fenugreek, margosa, olive oil, cocoa butter, menthol. It is a very exquisite super soft cream which contains cocoa butter, which softens your feet very well. Now take a generous quantity of cream, gently massage all over the feet and cuticles including heels for 5 to 10 minutes to get the best result. If you really have dry feet just like me, this foot cream is the best solution, leaving your feet soft and smooth. It keeps my feet hydrated and moisturized.

  • ·         Contains cocoa butter
  • ·         Sweet mild smell
  • ·         Absorbs easily
  • ·         Softens feet and cuticles too

  • ·         Tub packaging is not hygienic

VLCC pediglow foot spray  review and My take on the product:
It comes in a plastic packaging transparent bottle. It contains patchouli oil, liquor ice, lemongrass oil, castus, menthol, triclosan, glycerine. After you have completed with applying foot cream, this is the time to spray this liquid, to keep your feet free from bacteria that causes diseases and give it a refreshing feeling. My feet feel fresh after I spray this over my feet after applying the foot cream.

  • ·         Decent packaging can be handy
  • ·         Soothing citrusy smell
  • ·         Gives freshness to feet
  • ·         Pocket friendly

  • ·         Couldn’t find any

Overall it’s a must have pedicure kit which is pretty budget friendly. Use it once in a week to get the smoothened and cleaned feet. Packaging and the kit quantity is great for multiple use, a single kit will go long way!!. Kit quality is excellent and I think it will help you to achieve the same effect as the parlor pedicure.
Hope you have liked the review and I appreciate your patience to read the full review as it was a bit detailed review.
Don’t forget to share your experience if you already have used it.
Thumps up for this pedicure kit!!!!!


  1. Great detailed review. All the kit contents work so nicely. I would specially like to lay my hands on the cream since it contains cocoa butter. Even the scrub seems nice. The kit is great value for money. I always felt VLCC kits are costly but this kit has proved me wrong!!!

  2. Yes go for it!!!!it is worth buying..:-)

  3. Sounds like a great product. And your review is detailed and helpful.

  4. Yes you can try it, each product is worth trying and can give you a complete parlour pedicure effect.:-)


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