It’s a little haul time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to share my tiny haul from Dubai. One of my friends was returning to India and a thought came to my mind. Yes!!! This is the time to splurge myself with some goodies which are very difficult to get here in India. So I asked her to bring these tiny stuffs for me.

The Balm Meet Matte(e) Nude Eyeshadow:

As I am mad for neutral matte eyeshadows. I have always wanted #TheBalmMeetMatt(e)Nude eyeshadow palette in my life. It is not easy to get here in India, so I thought of what better than to get this from Dubai, YAAY!!!!

Now the worst part of this haul..:-(One of the eyeshadow has been broken into pieces while traveling.

Nyx soft matte lip crème in Antwerp and Cannes:

OMG!!!! At last they are in my life.  These two lip cremes were in my wishlist for the last 4 months, I was dying to try them out but they are not available here in Kolkata. I was hopefully waiting for a miracle to happen and at last my friend brought a smile on my face.

I got two shades in Antwerp and Cannes

So that’s all from my teeny-tiny haul, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Reviews will be coming soon.

So till then bbye<3<3


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