Benefit - They're Real! Push-Up Liner review

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to review a much raved product of #Benefit, They're Real! Push-Up Liner. I bought this eye liner at my last makeup haul from #luxola. I was much excited to try this liner as I have heard a lot about this product, even though I have a love hate relationship with this liner.

This eyeliner comes in a sturdy black plastic pen like wand. The tip is in a slant shape and made of silicon which is very flexible. We have to twist the bottom which has to be done a number of times, after which the product comes out of the tip. This flexible tip comes with an orange plug.

 987(INR) for mini version from Luxola

My take on Benefit They are reall!! Push up liner:

It is slightly dry formula, not at all runny but very thick. It is creamy, super matte and glides pretty decent on eyes. Slanted shape of the tip makes it more convenient to achieve your desirable line. It is little difficult to work initially as because of the twisting part but once you get the hang on it, will be easier. As it is little lumpy, you need to apply it very quickly and for the first time when you will work with it, you have to be little careful as lot of product will come out while twisting and you have to be flexible while applying on the eyes. What I don’t like about this product is, that it flakes a lot, even if you use an eye primer or a facial mist, it will keep on flaking and this is so annoying. I think, just for this reason, I will not be using it for daily wear and rather will use it for occasional wear.


·         It is creamy and highly pigmented
·         It is super matte
·         It dries up quickly
·         Waterproof
·         Smudge proof
·         Slanted tip is convenient to apply


·         Little lumpy
·         Keep on flaking
·         Dry formula difficult to apply
·         Difficult to find how much the product left as it is made of opaque wand


I have a love hate relationship with this product, love that it’s pigmented, its creamy formula slanted tip helps to achieve a perfect winged line but don’t like the dry formula as it lumps and flakes after sometime of applying. So if you can look over the flaking and dry part, for achieving a perfect winged line, nothing could be better than this.
So my friends, don’t forget to share your experience with this product if you have used it before.


  1. Lovely Review.I will surely try it out !

  2. The colour is intense but i doubt if it will be easy to apply once the edges will become round !!

    1. Yes your right Anyatama, for this reason I would keep it for occasional wear only as it is little difficult to work with


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