Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation Review

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I was checking out Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation as I was running out of my Loreal foundation for daily use. I have heard some very good reviews about this foundation and had decided to buy it. I have been since using this for last 3 months and today I decided to write a review about this foundation.

Product Description:
Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation is a smoothing lightweight anti-ageing foundation enriched by a biological anti-oxidant pocket that provides a protective, re-chargeable anti-oxidants network. The functional structure of this foundation network allows this action to last in time without exhausting itself, enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid which deeply hydrates the skin, fills lines and provides skin lift for flawless firm even skin. It is a two in one foundation which efficiently covers blemishes and acne marks and acts as an anti-aging cream. This formula is designed specially to fill enlarged pores and hide fine lines and wrinkles for longer hours.

Shades available:
There are 3 shades, light linen, soft opal & sweet shell. I got the soft opal (02) as this was the best match and was more yellow which I like.

1050(INR) for 30ml

My Take on Colorbar Timeless Filling and Lifting Foundation:
I think this foundation does everything that it claims. It is lightweight but gives medium coverage and the finish is matte but not cakey, it keeps the skin hydrating. It is meant mainly as anti-ageing but it works quite well with my skin, it is so lightweight that it blends like butter on my face. It not only works as a foundation but also fills lines and enlarged pores on my face making my skin smooth and soft. Most of the time I do not use primer before applying foundation because I do not get so much time to get ready for my every day office, so I apply this foundation alone and it really works a wonder. After applying it, the finishing is like primer, I do not have to use concealer, as it hides my blemishes to some extent, it conceals my light flaws and dark circles and it provides care to my skin for the entire day. I could see my skin with much smoother finish and light small pores. Comparing this to other foundations, I must say this foundation makes skin smoother and natural looking. For dry skin, I recommend mixing body shop vitamin E moisturizing SPF cream with this foundation which really helps keeping the skin hydrated for the whole day.

·         Keeps skin hydrated
·         Fills fine lines and enlarged pores
·         Makes skin smooth and soft
·         Does not look cakey in the skin

·         Pricy
·         Pump failure

Overall it’s a good foundation with medium coverage, lightweight, filling fine lines and pores making skin smoother and soft. I do recommend it to all skin types for medium coverage and office wear.

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